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Spring 1993

Copper Brightens Homes

The table light in the Calla Lily Series. The "petals" are made of fine copper wire cloth and the "stems" are made of 5/8-inch copper plumbing tube.

Copper is architect David Bergman's favorite material. Recently, the Manhattan-based entrepreneur introduced lighting fixtures made out of copper tubing and wire cloth. He has also designed and made candelabra out of copper (Copper Topics No.72, Fall, 1991), in addition to projects involving residences, commercial interiors and the design of furniture.

His "Fire and Water" lights come in two series: one for incandescent lamps and the other for low-voltage MR16 halogens. Called the Calla Lily series, the lily petals for the incandescent lights are fashioned out of "50x50" copper wire cloth from Universal Wire Cloth, Morrisville, PA.

The stems for the Calla Lily series as well as the entire MR16 Series are made of either 1/2-, 5/8- or 3/4- inch copper plumbing tube. The bases for fixtures that need them are made of either cast stone or steel.

Here's how Bergman complimented his favorite metal: "Copper has a warmth that is lacking in chrome or black-painted lighting fixtures. It's an underutilized material."

The fixtures are available from Lightforms, 168 Eighth Ave., New York (212/255-4664) or directly from Bergman at 212/475-3106. Prices range from $320 for the simplest sconce in the Calla Lily Series up to $720 for the Swirl ceiling-mounted model in the MR16 Series. Both series include floor lights. At present the copper candelabra are only made to order.

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