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Spring 1994

Copper Protects Motors Chemical Surprise Improves Lubricants

motor oil One of the many motor oils containing soluble copper, which reduces damaging oxidation.

Image courtesy of Exxon Chemical Corporation.

Your car's motor is running smoother and lasting longer because of copper. When added to motor oils, copper reduces damaging oxidation. Exxon Chemical Corporation, Linden, New Jersey, supplies most of the world's major formulators of motor oils with its patented lubricant additives - all containing copper.

Here's how Tom Kaufmann, vice president of technology for the corporation's Paramins Business Unit, describes the importance of copper technology in lubricants: "The discovery in 1979 that soluble copper has outstanding antioxidant performance was totally unexpected. The copper is added in small amounts in combination with ashless dispersant, zinc dialkyldithiophosphate (ZDDP) and a metal detergent in a fully formulated crankcase lubricant. Copper's beneficial effect was a surprise, since it was well known that copper is an oxidation catalyst.

"We consider this to rank among the most significant inventions in crankcase additive chemistry in this century. In the past decade, as engine temperatures have increased and as cost-effective oxidation control has become so important, this invention has become extremely important."

Exxon Chemical Corporation: 908- 474-0100.

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