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Spring 1995

Boosting Capacity of Copper

Owners of the latest high-speed modems (modulator/demodulators) used for data communications on personal computers can be presented with a costly problem. Copper twisted-pair cables installed years prior for voice are burdened when required to carry data at high speeds. Leonard Dobroski, a consultant with Honeywell-Bull, the Billerica, Massachusetts-based computer maker, tried one solution to the problem - and loves it. He installed a "V.Fast Turbo Charger" conditioner from NAI Datacom, Roswell, Georgia. The conditioners continuously and automatically balance impedances and adjust or adapt the circuit to optimize transmission. They are very easy to install and, once installed, require no adjustment.

Dobroski's problem arose when he replaced the 14.4 kbps (kilobits per second) modem on his home PC with a 28.8 kbps device. Instead of doubling the speed of data transmission (theoretically, lowering his long-distance charges by half), it only rose about 70%. Although local phone companies can provide "conditioners" to boost the data-transmission capacity of their copper wires, this is a costly solution because of never-ending monthly charges. Dobroski, who spends an average of one hour each day accessing remote databases, expects to recoup the $599 cost of his conditioner in short order.

NAI Datacom (Roswell, Georgia): (404) 594-5364

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