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Spring 1997

Fashionable Facilities Count on Copper Cachet

Decorative copper shrimp, six feet tall, rotate at the entrance to the popular Redeye Grill opposite New York's Carnegie Hall. They were created by Brooklyn, New York based Ron Mehlman for the bistro's owner, who collects the sculptor's work. It was his first effort in copper - he usually works in stone. There were nine basic shapes making up the shrimp. With their mirror images, a total of 36 segments had to be shaped to complete the two shrimp.

Mehlman began by creating a full-size clay model from which a bronze mold was cast. Working with "pure" copper sheet four millimeters thick, the segments, often softened with a torch, were pounded out against the bronze mold. Then the segments were welded together by metalworkers at a foundry.

An acid solution was then applied to darken the shrimp. Mehlman says that since they were installed last summer, they have darkened even more, which he finds pleasing.

"I decorated my restaurant with so much copper because it's warm and cozy." That's how Colleen Moran, owner of the popular Moran's restaurant in downtown Manhattan, celebrates her choice of copper furnishings and adornments. Relying on this millennia-old form of decoration pays off in frequent compliments from Moran's guests.

Moran's is just one example of the prolific use of copper and its alloys to enhance smart eateries and other commercial interiors and exteriors throughout the U.S.

Restaurateurs, hoteliers and interior decorators look to copper and brass as naturally inviting metals that make a statement of quality, comfort and beauty.

Cutomers seated at New York's Chelsea Brewing Company are served from giant copper dispensing vats.
Antique espresso machine is just one of scores of copper and brass enhancements to Moran's restaurant in downtown Manhattan.

Chelsea Brewery: 212/336-6440
Ron Mehlman: 718/622-6428
Redeye Grill: 212/541-9000

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