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Spring 2003

Copper Garage Doors Add Style

An upscale home An upscale home with three copperfaced garage doors from Martin Door. The taller door to the right leads to a garage for an RV.

Architects who favor copper can now specify copper doors for the homes they design. Martin Door Manufacturing, Salt Lake City, has introduced a line of garage doors faced with copper to "fit the growing trend to copper in the domestic home market," says Ken Martin, company president.

The doors are offered in five different patterns or designs and also come with a choice of five "vista windows". Because of copper's durability, the doors are offered with a lifetime warranty. Naturally, the copper doors develop a desirable patina in time. Or they can be professionally patinated, according to Martin. Because Martin doors are sold in no less than 62 countries, management expects overseas markets to develop.

copper dooors Because of copper's durability, these doors are offered with a lifetime warranty.

The copper used is 16 oz sheet of C11000 and embossed with a soft-wood grain.

Martin Door: 800-388-9310

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