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Spring 2004

Model Home Inspires Nation’s Builders

The balcony of “The New American Home.” There are sprinklers in the coppersheathed eaves that emit a fine, cooling spray on the balcony surrounded by custom copper railings.

Constructed for the 2004 International Builders Show in Las Vegas, “The New American Home” provides inspiration to builders who wish to offer style, comfort, longevity, and low maintenance. Among the desirable features worth emulating are a standingseam copper roof, copper eaves and soffits, copper plumbing throughout and a wraparound balcony with custom-crafted copper railings.

The 4,755-square-foot home overlooks a man-made waterway. The copper railings were designed and fabricated by Pomegranate Metals, North Las Vegas. Owner Lamar Noorda tells how he “loves to work with copper; it’s been a mainstay of our operation for decades.” The 48-ounce copper sheet for the railings was bent into shapes with a two-inch by eight-inch crosssection and then spot-welded together. There was no need for internal bracing for the railings. As Noorda explained, “the formed copper has plenty of tensile strength.”

Cooled by Fine Mist

Copper quality plumbing is a feature of this and all Merlin homes.

The railings (see photo, above) are arranged horizontally between posts around the deck and separated vertically by five-inch-square copper spacers. To cool the balcony, sprinklers emitting a fine mist are set in the overhanging, copper-sheathed eaves.

“The color and texture of copper fit perfectly with the building materials we used to create the home’s old-world exterior,” says Dale Beck of Merlin Contracting, Las Vegas, the home’s builder.” The innovative architect for the twostory residence is Lex van Straten of Food for Buildings, The Hague, Netherlands. The roofing was installed by Prestige Roofing, North Las Vegas, and the copper plumbing was installed by Abbot Plumbing, Las Vegas. Owner Bruce Abbot considers copper the quality standard for plumbing.

Abbot Plumbing: 702-382-7265

Food for Buildings: +31 (0) 70 3153-30

Merlin Contracting: 702-257-8102

Prestige Roofing: 702-646-7536

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