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July 2004

Go for the Green

Everyone knows that in most of the country copper weathers naturally to a lovely blue-green color, or patina, over time. But not everyone can wait for it to happen. Demand from architects and builders for pre-patinated copper products has prompted copper mills to develop new methods that speed up or replicate the natural aging process.

Copper's color-change is the result of surface oxidation caused mainly by moisture and corrosive elements in the atmosphere. This process begins almost immediately as the bright copper fades to an even brown followed by a gradual shift to green. Unlike rust oxidation, patina is a protective barrier that retards further corrosion, to maintain copper's long life. For more information, visit our Architecture section.

Researchers are continually experimenting with ways to "enhance" this natural chemical conversion process. Aftermarket treatments offer a spectrum of patina color finishes, helping to create new markets - and make architectural clients happy. Cu

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