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October 2005

New Generation of Artisans Discover Copper

Allan Lockridge of Attalla, Alabama, was inspired by the ease-of-use and durability of copper to make decorative side tables using the metal. He sells his wares at local craft fairs.

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Copper and its alloys have been used throughout the ages for artistic pursuits. Due to the metal's unique physical properties, it can be manipulated into various shapes, designs and structures of all sizes. However, putting all that aside, it also looks good! That's what drew Allan Lockridge to the metal, which he uses to make his unique and beautiful custom-fabricated tables.

Lockridge, a service technician who has installed copper gas tubing for the Alabama Gas Company for almost two decades, says an ornamental copper sprinkler head - fashioned in the shape of a butterfly - which his wife wanted to buy, inspired his artistic copper work. "I told her I'd just make her one," he said.

Three years later, after producing hundreds of copper wind chimes, hummingbird feeders and other copper yard items, he began making tables of copper, wood and tiles.

Lockridge resides in Attalla, Alabama, where he still works for the gas company and works on his craft in his spare time. When asked what he likes most about working with copper, Lockridge replies, "Just the versatility of it. It's easy to work with; it's kind of soft, but it's very durable. It looks good, too."

Many people agree. Today, decorative copper finishes are an exciting new trend in home décor and can be found on everything from small appliances to refrigerators, countertops, fireplace surrounds and more.

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