Applications of Copper-Base Powder Metals

Abrasive Wheels
Bonding Copper
Fungicides Copper
Lawn and Garden Equipment Bronze
Soil Conditioning Copper
Brake Linings Copper
Counterweights Copper-tungsten
Filters Bronze
Brake Bands, Liners Copper, brass, copper-lead,
Bushings Bronze
Instruments Nickel silver
Building and Construction
Conductive and Nonsparking Floors Copper
Decorative Plastics Copper, bronze, brass
Domestic Water Filters Brass
Lock Components Brass
Pipe Joint Compounds Copper
Catalysts Copper
Filters Bronze
Valve and Pump Parts Copper-nickel
Antifouling Paints Copper
Conductive Paints and Plastics Copper, brass
Decorative Paints Copper, brass, bronze
Lacquers Brass, bronze
Mechanical (Peen) Plating Copper, brass
Spray Coating Copper, brass
Vacuum Metallizing Copper
Coins, Medals, Medallions
Copper-nickel, brass
Electrical and Electronic
Brushes Copper
Brush Holders Nickel silver
Contacts Copper
Heat Sinks Copper, dispersion-strengthened copper
Printed Circuits Copper
Semi-conductor Stud Bases Copper, dispersion-strengthened copper
Telephone Components Brass, bronze
Lock Components Brass, bronze
Industrial, General
Balancing Weights Copper-tungsten
Bearings and Bushings Bronze, copper-lead, copper-lead-tin
Filters, Liquid and Gas Bronze
Flame Arrestors Bronze
Instruments, Control Nickel silver
Brazing Compounds Copper, bronze, brass
Resistance Welding Electrodes Copper, dispersion-strengthened copper
Anti-galling Pipe Joint Compounds Copper
Copper Lubricants Copper
Plastic-Filled Metal Copper, bronze
Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Copper
Electrochemical Machining (ECM) Copper
Office Equipment
Business Machines Brass
Armor-piercing Cores Copper
Fuse Parts Brass
Projectile Rotating Bands Copper, brass
Personal Products
Cordless Electric Toothbrush and Razor Copper
Fingernail Lacquer Copper
Photographic Equipment Bronze, brass, nickel silver
Poker Chips Brass, bronze, copper-nickel
Printing Inks
Metallic Inks for Offset, Letterpress, Gravure Copper, brass
Radio and Television
Printed Circuits Copper
Brake Linings Bronze, copper-lead, copper-lead-tin
Friction Strips on Pantographs Copper
Self-lubricating Parts
Oil-filled Bronze
Plastic-filled Copper
Antifouling Paint Copper