New Video: How-to Install Copper-Iron Alloy Tubes

November 27, 2018


New video provides installation tips for a new copper alloy rated for HVAC applications

McLean, VA— The Copper Development Association (CDA) released a new video in its “Do it Proper With Copper” video series, Copper-iron Piping for HVAC, Lightweight but Strong as Iron. The video provides installation tips for a new copper alloy tube for HVAC&R applications that has higher strength and increased wall thickness to handle the temperatures and pressures of carbon dioxide (CO2) refrigeration systems.

CO2 use is on the rise as environmental concerns and regulations continue to drive HVAC&R applications and equipment towards more environmentally friendly and natural refrigerants. In fact, many traditional refrigerants have been restricted and in some cases banned completely due to their very high global warming potentials.

To meet the demands of higher pressure refrigerants, copper tube made with copper-iron alloy C19400 was developed to deliver a blend of high strength, good thermal conductivity and great workability and joinability.  The added strength and increased wall thickness of these tubes provide the strength to handle the temperatures and pressures of CO2 systems.

The copper alloy contains a small percentage of iron, allowing it to be rated for pressures in the range of 90 Bar (1,305 psi) to 130 Bar (1,885 psi) or more at operating temperatures up to 300°F, which is well within the operating ranges of CO2 refrigeration systems.

“Copper continues to be the best choice for piping applications,” said Dale Powell, project manager and piping applications specialist at CDA.  “Copper-iron tube provide a lightweight, but strong as iron solution for high-pressure HVACR systems.”

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