How to Avoid Electrical Disasters and Safeguard Critical Data

February 9, 2018


Proper grounding and bonding is an economical solution that can help secure sensitive Data Center information

NEW YORK, NY— Data centers house our nation’s most critical information, from hospital records and online sharing, to storing our military’s classified information on a private cloud; but what is the cost when an electrical disaster shuts down a data center?

A study released in 2016 found downtime costs for most data center-dependent businesses are rising faster than average. The average cost of a data center outage has steadily increased from $505,502 in 2010 to $740,357 in 2016 (a 38 percent net change).

To help prevent these outages, the Copper Development Association’s David Brender (CDA) will share several cost-effective wiring and grounding techniques at Data Center World Global 2018 that designers and contractors can employ to ensure uptime and reliability at data centers and other facilities that store critical and sensitive information. 

“Data centers demand above-code installations to prevent information loss, down-time, equipment damage and other electrical disasters,” said Brender, CDA’s national electrical program manager with over 20 years of experience. “Unfortunately, the necessary and proper powering, grounding and bonding practices are often overlooked or not understood by most designers and contactors.”

Professional electricians need to be well-versed in correct wiring, grounding, equipment bonding, deficiency recognition and basic system auditing to maintain the efficiency and safety of installations. CDA’s presentation, “Proper Grounding and Bonding Can Prevent Electrical Disasters,” is applicable to all job functions within the electrical industry, and is especially relevant to data center infrastructure professionals, data center operation professionals, electricians, engineers and managers.

Data Center World Global 2018 runs from March 12 – 15 in San Antonio, Texas, and attracts more than 1,000 data center, facilities and IT infrastructure professionals. The conference draws upon the knowledge of more than 3,500 Advancing Data Center and IR Infrastructure Professionals (AFCOM) members to address today’s key challenges. CDA’s presentation will take place on March 15, from 10:40 – 11:40 a.m.

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