10.4. Water Diverters

Description: At entranceways or on sloping canopies, where the appearance of a gutter is not desired or the installation of the gutter is difficult, drainage can be handled by installing water diverters.

The minimum suitable gauge for the fabrication of water diverters is 16 oz. cold rolled copper.

The height of the front face of the water diverter, which extends vertically, varies with the roof pitch and the area of roof to be drained; a 4" minimum is suggested. The back edge of the water diverter extends up the roof far enough so it is at least 3" higher in elevation than the front edge.

10.4A. Strap Hung Water Diverter

This detail illustrates a method of installing a water diverter using straps. The diverter is held in place by cleats spaced 12" O.C., maximum. Straps, attached to the roof and fastened to the diverter at the bead, provide additional support. The spacing of these straps should not exceed 2'-6" O.C.

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10.4B. Strip Supported Water Diverter

Water diverters can also be constructed with wood strips placed on the roof.

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A continuous copper lock strip is attached to the roof, below the diverter support strip. Apron flashing is then hooked onto this strip. The copper water diverter is held in place by cleats at the top back edge and loose locked to the apron flashing.

The inverted V cant should be formed into the diverter when used in conjunction with rigid roofing material.

10.4C. Strip Supported Water Diverter - Alternate

This detail is similar to Detail 10.4C, except that the copper apron is held by lock clips or cleats which are nailed to the wood supporting strip. Both are shown for illustration purposes.

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