Alloy Designation and Chemical Composition

image of connectors Photo Courtesy of AMP Incorporated

The Unified Numbering System (UNS) is the accepted alloy designation system for North America for wrought and cast copper and copper alloys. The three-digit system developed by the copper and brass industry was expanded to five digits following the prefix letter C. A complete listing of wrought strip alloys is included in a separate CDA publication but a quick review of one alloy listing may be useful. The brass alloy commonly referred to as Cartridge Brass was formerly listed as alloy C260 and is now designated alloy C26000. This alloy will be the basis for numerous examples in this publication. The chemical composition for C26000 is:

< 68.5 - 71.5 %
Lead < 0.07 % maximum
Iron< 0.05 % maximum
Zinc Remainder (nominally 30%)

Alloy C26000 is used for a number of connector and other electrical and electronic applications. It has electrical conductivity of 28% IACS @ 68°F, has excellent capacity for cold working and excellent solderability. Applicable ASTM specifications for flat products, of alloy C26000, include B19, B36, B134 and B569.