Copper in the Arts

December 2014

Copper Miro Exhibit on View at Tracy Williams, Ltd Gallery

Darcy Miro copper worksDarcy Miro copper works on view at Tracy Williams, Ltd. Gallery in NYC.

Tracy Williams, Ltd. Gallery recently presented Darcy Miro’s Unfounded, featured deftly constructed mixed metal pieces juxtaposed with smooth, curvilinear, and effervescent silhouettes. This unique multisensory presentation features a series of copper bracelet cuffs, rings, and earrings, coupled with mirrors, a light fixture, sconces, and abstract sculptures.

Cast in metal, many of the pieces are patinated in a rich, dark hue, while others are left unrefined in a silvery white, and none are polished. The occasional hidden diamond illuminates from within her geometric mazes, resting and in some cases exciting the eye. Miro states, “There is nothing established that cannot endure some evolution.”

Futuristic while simultaneously organic, her pieces are visionary designs that begin with an extemporaneous marking.

She repeats her initial pattern as if weaving a fabric, collaging differing textures together until a unified whole, or rather, a moment of satisfaction, is reached. For over twenty years, Miro has followed an independent course as a mixed metal artist. Her work is an interrelated assemblage of jewelry, sculpture, and design. Miro lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in Jewelry and Metals. She has shown in several spaces worldwide including Rome, Melbourne, Paris, Beirut, as well as, in notable jewelry galleries in the states.

Miro has collaborated on many projects throughout New York City, including working on the “façade” of the Museum of American Folk Art in 1999. Currently, she is working on a large wall installation for a space in Abu Dhabi, a wall piece for an apartment in the arts district of Dallas, and a collaborative wall installation in Tokyo.

Her projects, commissions, and individual pieces have been featured in many publications including W, Vogue, Elle, Interior Design, and Metalsmith, among many others.


Tracy Williams, Ltd., 521 West 23rd St., New York, NY, (212) 229-2757

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