Copper in the Arts

December 2014

Copper Highlights from The Stickley Museum

By Paul David

Peter Mars, Vice President of The Stickley Museum at Craftsmen Farms, takes us on a tour of the museum's copper works. He discusses the historical significance of copper and how it was used to create the signature style of the American Arts and Crafts Movement in the early 19th Century. 

Peter Mars continues his tour of The Gustav Stickley Museum Copper in Morris Plains, New Jersey, giving a firsthand look at the rare copper pieces on display.  Notable pieces include handcrafted copper accented chairs from the early Arts and Crafts movement, and the one of a kind copper hoods produced in the Craftsman Workshop of Gustav Stickley. 

An intimate look at the workshop and personal home of Gustav Stickley, a pioneer of the Early American Arts and Crafts Movement of the late 19th Century who was well known for his copper craftsmanship. Notable pieces include the rare hammered copper lanterns in the house interior, a copper-accented chest, and the ornate copper door accents on the front porch of the home.


The Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms, 2352 New Jersey 10, Morris Plains, NJ, (973) 540-0311

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