It's a Law of Physics: Copper Saves You Money

I 2R = Costly Heat Loss

Electrical equipment that contains more copper runs cooler and saves money.

Did you know there's a law of physics that says all electrical equipment wastes energy in the form of heat? It's expressed as:

I 2R

where I=current, and R=resistance

And it can cost your company more than just wasted energy dollars. It can dramatically reduce your productivity - and profitability.

But you can break this law - with copper! The more copper your electrical equipment windings and cabling contain the less costly energy you'll lose as heat. And the more you can put to work. That's because copper is the most efficient conductor available.

Copper upsizing also minimizes costly operations problems, particularly downtime due to overheated or failed equipment. Reliability and service life of electrical equipment are substantially increased. And there can be significant savings in the cost of air handling and cooling no longer needed.

Sit down with your plant engineer or facilities manager. Compare the costs. Compare the savings. You'll find that energy efficient electrical equipment and cabling put the I²R law on your side.