Have a Good Energy Efficiency Story To Tell?

CDA is interested in developing and publicizing case histories of your experiences in designing, specifying, or purchasing high efficiency motors and transformers for your facility or a client.

These case histories may be used in printed flyers, slide talks, possibly advertising, and posting here on the Copper Page. The free national publicity will help identify you and your firm as premier energy-conscious designers and innovators.

Further, you will be helping to educated the design community through example, and, if they desire, bring favorable recognition to your client. (The stories can be written generically if the client does not wish to be identified.)

The more specific the details, the more interesting and believable the story will be. We are especially looking for cases where premium efficiency transformers or motors were chosen over standard efficiency products. If MotorMaster+ software was used, we'd like to learn of your experiences.

The cases may involve brand new construction, or retrofit of existing structures. Types of structures include commercial or industrial buildings of every sort, including institutions, hospitals, and schools.

The audience will want to know the how and why of the design or specifying decision, how much was or is being saved, maintenance experiences, equipment reliability and lifecycle costs. The sites can be anywhere in the USA. Experiences with electronics vs. magnetic ballasts can be included.

If you have any case histories, or an up-coming building project utilizing premium efficiency motors or transformers, please e-mail of call us. Evaluation and selection of case histories for publicity or posting will be at the sole discretion of CDA. All submissions will be treated with confidence until all relevant parties have given written permission for publication. E-mail or call us if you have any questions or comments. We look forward to hearing from you.

Zolaikha Strong
Director, Sustainable Electrical Energy
Phone: (212) 251-7238