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Spring 1992

Special Coatings, Packaging Products Keep the Shine on Copper and Brass

Special paper protects copper-etched circuit board. Special paper protects copper-etched circuit board.

Daubert Coated Products, Inc, Westchester, Illinois, is a leading name in corrosion protection packaging. They offer Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) papers and films as well as mill oils, edge sealers and other lubricating fluids used to protect copper metal products, according to Deborah Lisy, product manager.

Daubert Coated Products pioneered corrosion inhibitor packaging more than 40 years ago, providing industry with an effective alternative to conventional rust protection measures such as grease or oil. Lisy explains that when metals are wrapped or packaged in VCI, the VCI chemicals vaporize and form a protective molecular layer on the surface of the metal which prevents moisture, salt, dirt, oxygen and other corrosion propagating species from depositing on the metal and causing corrosion.

Daubert has suggested that Top Brass padlocks from Wilson Bohannan Co. (see above) either print their package on Coppertex, a paper coated with a Daubert-developed VCI chemical, or insert a chip of Coppertex in the padlock package to protect the qualities of its solid brass product. "The VCI impregnated material eliminates the need for messy or expensive protective coatings," Lisy says.

Daubert products are used to package a wide range of products, including copper-etched printed circuit boards, copper alloy snaps and buckles, copper and copper alloy automotive parts, and copper tube for refrigerators.

Daubert has about 30 products, including Daubrite, Uniwrap and Uniwrap A, which protect copper, brass, bronze and other metals. Lisy says Daubert offers kraft, plain or barrier-coated papers and wrappers in widths up to 132 inches, in 30- to 70-pound weights, and some as 15-pound tissue. Daubert also offers wax coated sheets, poly coated sheets, and crepe sheets for packaging.

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