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Winter 2002

Our Last Maker of Copper Cookware

Cookware Examples of the many types of solid-copper cookware made by Hammersmith, last surviving U.S. manufacturer of such products.

Hammersmith Corporation is the last surviving maker of solid-copper cookware in the USA, according to the Cookware Manufacturers Association, Birmingham, Alabama. The 12-employee, Brooklyn-based manufacturer supplies cookware and serving pieces to professional and home cooks with either tin or silver linings, according to owner Jeffrey Herkes. The company also re-tins copper cookware.

The copper, C11000, is supplied by Revere Copper Products, Inc., in thicknesses ranging from 0.090 to 0.125 inch for professional cookware, and from 0.064 to 0.080 inch for home cookware. According to Herkes, his cookware is used in famed restaurants throughout the nation, including those at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York.

Homeowners can buy Hammersmith cookware at Visitors to New York can also buy the cookware at one of the many suppliers of restaurant equipment along the historic Bowery in downtown Manhattan.

Most of the all-copper cookware available in the USA is made overseas. Herkes claims that the cookware made in Korea is for display only, which is why it is sold with a varnish finish. Until ten years ago, there were a handful of U.S. manufacturers, but only Hammersmith survives.

Hammersmith: 908-588-2425
Revere: 800-448-1776

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