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Winter 2004

Largest Copper Roof

The newly-extended, standing-seam copper roof at Domino's Farms is the largest in the USA and may very well be the largest in the world, according to Bill Koshelnyk, the office park's director of communications. The roof is 2,897 feet (more than a half-mile) long and 209 feet wide at its widest point.

Aerial view of the standing-seam copper roof of Domino's Farms, perhaps the largest such roof in the world.
Copper roof addition to Domino’s Farms’ office park before chemical patination to blend with the 18-year-old structure.

The roof is actually an extension of an existing, 18- year-old roof made of the same material. The new copper was chemically patinated to match the original roofing. Located on Frank Lloyd Wright Drive in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the building's architects were inspired by Wright, who was known for his love of copper. Bronze trim elements installed by carpenters are also used throughout the public spaces.

Installers lay up copper pans over rosin sheets and felt paper for giant standing-seam roof.

The roofing contractors are Steyer Corp., Detroit, and CEI Roofing Inc., Howell, Michigan. Most of the copper is 16-ounce, with some 20- ounce for the flashing and wall caps. All 425,000 square feet of copper was supplied by Revere Copper Products, Inc., Rome, New York. The Copper Development Association provided installation training for the 12-man crew from CEI Roofing.

The world headquarters of Domino's Pizza is the largest of the 40 tenants of the office park, which is owned by Domino’s former CEO, Tim Monaghan. The building also houses the Ave Maria Foundation, which promotes Catholic teachings and culture.

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