August 2001

Introduction to Copper: Hot Links & Further Reading

Copper Applications in Metallurgy of Copper & Copper Alloys

By Vin Calcutt

The web sites of the copper centers in all countries include many useful features expanding on the topics introduced in this article. Here are a few of the most useful:


Copper the Vital Metal P121
Coppers and Copper Alloys - Composition, Applications and Properties P120
High Conductivity Coppers


Applications Section
Uses of Copper

Building Wire Section
Electrical Design
Electricity in the Home
Earthing Practice P119 (Grounding Practice)

Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency Section
Electrical Energy Efficiency P116

Copper for Busbars
Copper for Busbars P22
Busbar Analysis

Architecture Section
Copper in Building

Plumbing Section

Copper and the Environment
Environment Section
Quick Facts


Overview of Recycled Copper
Recycling of Copper

Mining and Extraction

Mining Section

Properties and Standards

High Conductivity Coppers - Technical Data TN27
European Standard Compositions for Copper and Copper Alloys
Standards and Properties Section


60 Centuries of Copper

Further Reading

The most recent book reviewing all aspects of copper and giving many references is:
G. Joseph, K.J.A. Kundig (Ed.), Copper - Its Trade, Manufacture, Use and Environmental Status, ASM International and International Copper Association, Ltd (ICA), 451pp, 1999. ISBN 0-87170-656-3

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