Topic Archive: Architecture Applications

  • Dec. '06
    High Strength Copper Steel for Rail Tank Cars to Bridges
    This paper shows that the new Copper Steel has advantages over steel presently used in railroad tank cars. The higher strength leads to weight saving; higher impact fracture toughness mitigates against brittle failure particularly at low temperatures. An update of recently completed bridge using the Cu Steel is also provided.
  • Sep. '05
    Hemispherical Copper Domes in Architecture
    Hemispherical copper domes create art in architecture. This paper discusses the design benefits of self-supporting copper domes, their design flexibility and examples showing their wide range of applications in the field.
  • Apr. '03
    The Maitreya Project - Technical Innovation on a Grand Scale
    Report discusses the technical innovations that were needed to solve the challenge of building a 500-ft statue of Buddha - i.e. a statue that would be over 3 times as tall as the Statue of Liberty!
  • May. '02
    Ceridian Headquarters Blends Copper With Other Natural Materials for Lasting Beauty
    In developing the design program for the new headquarters building, the project team was working to produce a building complex that would be guided by two principles: first, to respond harmoniously to the strong qualities of the natural site, and second, to develop a work place appropriate for the organization';s current and evolving culture.
  • May. '02
    Flat: New Look for Copper Architecture Panels
    "Metal is not flat! Not the way the architect wants it flat!"
  • Jun. '01
    Maitreya Project: Nickel-Aluminum Bronze Selected for World's Largest Statue
    The economic situation in Bihar State, one of the poorest areas in India, will be transformed by plans to construct the world's largest statue there. The Maitreya Project is planning to build a 500-ft (152-m)-tall, 50-story-high bronze statue of the Buddha Maitreya at Bodhgaya in Bihar.
  • Sep. '00
    A New Copper Roof for the Bodleian Library in Oxford
    The University of Oxford was founded in the 13th Century and from its relatively humble beginnings as a center for theology, and it has grown to become one of the premier academic institutions in the world.
  • Jan. '00
    Spotlight on Copper In Architecture
    Photo of Phoenix Central Library, architect Will Bruder.
  • Nov. '99
    Copper - Keeping Up Appearances
    Bronze has been used as a sculptors' medium since the 1500s. A look at patination, especially on outdoor sculpture, including waxes, patinas and cleaning options. The EU's "Environmental Protection and Conservation of European Cultural Heritage" has developed a successful product, OROCOMER.
  • Jun. '98
    Green Roofs for a Greener Environment
    Look at increased use of recycled copper as roofing material in US. Surge caused by aesthetics and ease of installation made possible by new technologies.