Copper Industry Announces Support for Energy Policy Modernization Act

January 20, 2016


Trade Organization Urges Congress to Pass Legislation Supporting Energy-efficient Technology

NEW YORK, NY— The Copper Development Association (CDA) is calling on the 114th Congress to pass the Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2015, which would establish rebate programs for energy efficient and sustainable technologies. With Congress back in session for their final year, the copper industry sees this as a vital and opportune moment for comprehensive energy policy to be enacted.

CDA supports this initiative because it would make the nation more energy-efficient and sustainable, leading to a more reliable electrical grid. Copper is integral to these objectives because of its reliability, conductivity and performance. Its superior electrical and thermal conductivities increase the energy efficiency of countless systems that rely on electric motors and transformers. Copper components keep these systems operating longer and at higher efficiencies.

The Energy Policy Modernization Act would establish rebate programs for systems that utilize the inherent benefits of copper. One such program would encourage the replacement of energy inefficient electric motors with high-performance systems. More efficient transformers, including premium copper-wound units, would also be incentivized.

“This legislation has the ability to transform our electrical grid by supporting more efficient and sustainable technologies,” said Zolaikha Strong, director of sustainable energy for CDA. “It is imperative that we secure our electrical supply with high-efficiency motors and transformers that result in lower life-cycle costs and increased reliability.”

The pending energy policy would further protect the nation’s energy supply by creating research and development programs for energy storage systems, as well as grant programs to modernize the electric grid and boost cyber security efforts. CDA supports these goals and understands the importance of secure, reliable energy.