Copper-Alloy Core Solves Warpage Problem For Whirpool

When Whirlpool tooled their new Generation 95 line of dishwashers, their objective was to improve on their already high quality product. They chose to use a beryllium-copper alloy core for the challenging 24-inch long front bezel.

The previous models 420 stainless steel mold created warpage and straightness problems that created assembly problems. The new generation of mold, employing a copper alloy core, reduced the maximum warpage to less than 0.020 inch, half the specification.

In addition to improving quality, a 20% reduction in cycle time was realized due to the improved cooling ability of the copper-alloy core.

Sink marks on the Class A surface were substantially reduced, markedly improving the aesthetic quality of the finished product. This allowed the use of lower injection and pack pressures.

For details, read Whirlpool Uses Copper Alloy Mold for Dishwasher Console Part or request this Data Sheet in print ( Publication #A7008).

Main core of tool for Whirlpool dishwasher front bezel was machined from cast beryllium-copper alloy, C82500.