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A1350: Clear Organic Finishes for Copper and Copper Alloys
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On some occasions, builders, architects and building owners want to preserve the color and appearance of a copper alloy rather than letting it naturally patinate. This publication describes clear coatings available for this purpose, their uses and any limitations.
A1349: Benzotriazole: An effective corrosion inhibitor for copper alloys
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Benzotriazole has proven to be very effective at preventing surface corrosion and tarnishing of copper and copper alloys. This publication describes its effectiveness and uses.
A7030: Electronic Connectors Alloy Design Guide

A series discussing some of the basics of physical properties, fabrication and applications of copper and copper alloys to assist parts designers, materials engineers, metallurgists and materials buyers.
Metallurgy of Copper-Base Alloys
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7024: Multibarrier Copper-Base Containers for High-Level Waste Disposal

Several design and closure techniques are suggested for a robust, composite waste container composed of a copper overpack surrounding an inner shell of high-strength aluminum bronze. The thermodynamic and kinetic stability of the metals is discussed including their corrosion- and creep-related properties in anticipated repository environments. Reprint, ANS Nuclear Technology, Vol. 104, November 1993.
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1095: Process Industries Corrosion: Copper and Copper-Base Alloys

Describes properties of copper metals used in corrosive industrial processes, common forms of corrosion to be resisted, and performance in fifteen specific corrosive environments. Reprint, NACE Handbook on Process Industries Corrosion-The Theory and Practice.
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A7022: Selecting Coppers and Copper Alloys

A quick aid to designers and engineers for selecting the proper wrought and cast copper alloys for product applications. Discusses pertinent material characteristics of all alloy families and provides physical and mechanical properties for representative alloys. Reprint, Advanced Materials & Processes, February 1994.
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