Industrial: Alloys for Plastic Molds


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A7006: Copper Alloy Molds—The Plastic Industry's Best Kept Secret

Explains how copper alloys outperform other metals used for molds by providing the best combination of high thermal conductivity and hardness used in the plastic industry today—resulting in reduced cycle times and higher quality parts. (4 pp)

A7023: Mold Design Guidelines

In a nine-part series, Dr. Paul Engelmann and Bob Dealey discuss the latest technology and various techniques and strategies for maximizing performance in injection mold design using copper alloys. Reprint, Modern Mold & Tool. (40 pp)

A7008: Whirlpool Uses Copper Alloy Mold for Dishwasher Console Part

Shows how the excellent thermal conductivity of copper alloys used for injection mold tools reduces cycle times and improves part quality. Details how Whirlpool controlled warpage of deep ridges and improved the straightness and flatness on the exterior of a front control bezel.
(2 pp)