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8023: Automotive Hydraulic Brake Tube: The Case for 90-10 Copper Nickel Tubing

The results of extensive corrosion testing and 15 years of use by Volvo show that C70600 copper-nickel tube is superior to the coated steel tube used in today's U.S.-made vehicles. Reprint, SAE Technical Paper, March 1993.
8043: Copper and Brass Radiators Surpass 10-Year Corrosion-Resistance Goal

Test results reported in this publication show how E-coatings and epoxy powders can double, even triple, the service life of copper and brass radiators and prevent the onset of rapid fin corrosion in highly aggressive environments.
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A8001: Copper - Nickel Automotive Vehicle Brake Tubing
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Describes growing usage of Copper Alloy No. C70600 (90-10 Cu-Ni) for automotive brake lines. Compares the strength properties and corrosion resistance of 90-10 copper-nickel tube with traditional copper-brazed, double-wrapped, coated steel tube.
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801/7: New Technology for Copper and Brass Radiators

Describes three new technologies to improve automotive radiator performance and cost: automated core baking, zinc-base solders, and mechanically clinched tank-to-header joints. Reprint, SAE Technical Paper 870187.
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801/2: Procedure for Manufacturing and Testing Tensile-Peel Test Specimens

Describes specimen preparation and test procedures for evaluating the strength of soldering joints in copper and brass automotive radiator materials.
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805/08: Process Improvements in Soldering Automotive Radiators
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Summarizes CDA's experimental programs on the interrelationships between copper alloy, solder composition, flux formulation and process parameters.