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A4102: Designing with Copper, Brass and Bronze - Trifold
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The trifold brochure illustrates the benefits of using architectural copper in all building and construction design applications.
A1420: Performance Testing of Copper Wall Cladding
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Copper provides a versatile, adaptable and durable material for wall cladding. This publication discusses a recently completed testing program supporting four popular types of copper wall cladding. Performance results include air and water infiltration as well as wind resistance to the strenuous American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association (AAMA) 509 standard. Testing evaluates two different variations of Standing Seam and two variations of Flat Lock panel systems.
A4103: Designing with Antimicrobial Copper Insert
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The insert highlights the antimicrobial clinical trial research and includes information about the effectiveness of using different copper touch surfaces and hardware in residential and commercial settings.
A4085: Adventures in Green Building
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This article describes how copper was used to achieve a LEED rating on the new Transit Maintenance Facility in Santa Clarita, CA. by Christina Koch, Reprint, MetalMag Online (published by R.R. Donnelley), Nov/Dec 2007, pp 60-68.
A4039: Architectural Applications
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A guide to alloy selection, design, fabrication, installation, finishes, protection and maintenance. Geared more toward ornamental architectural uses than publication A4050 (Copper in Architecture Handbook), which is concentrated on sheet applications such as roofing and wall cladding. (51 pp) $5.00
A4095: Copper Advantage
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This article addresses the use of copper and copper alloys in residential and commercial building environments, particularly focusing on architectural applications of antimicrobial copper, brass and bronze. Content includes ways in which architects and designers can effectively use these materials for frequently touched surfaces in healthcare, mass transit, educational and other public and private facilities. Reprint: Metal Architecture, June 2009.
Copper Design Series (3)
Originally published in Progressive Architecture. This series of 4-page reprints portrays and discusses significant architectural projects with innovative copper applications. Includes detail drawings and architects' comments on the use of copper.
A4021: Roofing - Momentum Place
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Presents details and specifications for the spectacular intersecting barrel vault roof atop Momentum Place in Dallas, Texas.
A4009: Roofing/Facades - Yale Psychiatric Institute
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Allan Dehar discusses his and Frank Gehry's design which accents unusual copper textures and colors for the latest addition to Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.
A4022: Restoration - Ellis Island: The Police Building
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James Rhodes and Denis Kuhn discuss their respective approaches to restoration and the use of copper on two New York area landmarks.
A4064: Copper Flashings in Contemporary Construction
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A4064 Covers the role of copper flashing systems in long-lived applications. Includes discussion of thermal movement, corrosion concerns, solder and sealants, finishes and cost effectiveness. Reprint, The Construction Specifier, October 2000.
(6 pgs.)
A4050: Copper in Architecture - Design Handbook
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A comprehensive compilation of designs, details and specifications. Includes far more information than ever before assembled in one reference on the many, varied and cost-effective ways copper and its alloys are being applied in architecture and building construction.
(312 pgs.)
A4012: Copper In Architecture - Roofing Applications
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Sweet's Catalog insert on CDA services and publications available to the roofing, building design and construction trades.
(4 pgs.)
A4011: Copper in Architecture - Wall Cladding Applications
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Sweet's Catalog insert picturing contemporary wall cladding examples. Includes a color table depicting the weathering stages of copper over a 30-year period.
(4 pgs.)
A4067: The Glory of Copper
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Five articles discuss the appeal and use of architectural copper in the USA; basic facts for designers and installers; answers to commonly asked question about copper roofing; identification of copper roofing information resources; and a description of CDA's installer training program. Reprint, Metal Roofing Magazine, January 2003.
(8 pgs.)
A1081: How to Apply Statuary and Patina Finishes
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Cleaning procedures and chemicals for coloring architectural metal work brown (statuary) or green (artificial patina).
A4037: A Primer on Copper Roofing
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Covers basics important to every architect and contractor, including: valley flashing and line corrosion, long-pan panel design, designing for severe wind conditions, artificial patination, sealants, soldering and stain prevention. Reprint, The Construction Specifier, September 1998
A4082: The Role of Copper, Bronze and Brass in Architecture & Design
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This article covers the basics of copper design and installation for both exterior and interior applications. It also contains a description of how copper facilitates sustainable construction and green building. Reprinted from Metal Architecture, May 2007.
A4094: Copper Roofs Are Cool
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Can a copper roofing system save energy? Can it be considered "cool"?
401/0R: Sheet Copper Applications
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Leading architects' use of copper in outstanding contemporary buildings. Sheet copper fundamentals, design, details and specifications for professionals.
(56 pgs.)